John Heim         

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The Heim Family

The Heim family came to Liverpool in the 1860s. Jacob Heim worked in the local sugar refining industry. For more information about German immigrants working in Liverpool's sugar industry have a read of this page from Bryan Mawer's excellent website about the industry:-

The Heim family first appear on the Liverpool census records in 1871. They were living at 61 Eldon Place. Jacob was born in Bavaria and Dora was born in Prussia, now both in Germany. Matilda Heim was Jacob's daughter from his first marriage to Mary Ann Schmitt. Mary Ann died in Liverpool in 1868 and Jacob married Dora in 1870 at St Mary's RC church in Edmund Street Liverpool. Matilda died in 1878 and Jacob and Dora named their next daughter Matilda in 1881.

Jacob & Dora Heim with Matilda from Jacob's first marriage were living at 61 Eldon Place Liverpool on the 1871 Census

Birth and Baptism of John Heim

John Heim's birth and baptism records are not straight forward. According to his baptism record he was born on 11 October 1878 and baptised at St Joseph's RC church in Grosvenor Street Liverpool on 20 October 1878. The spelling of his surname was recorded as Haim rather than Heim. The record is in Latin and gives his first name as Joannis the Latin for John. The Latin version is close to the German form of his name, Johannes. Looking at the crossing out of the name Johannes the family must have used the German form of his name. Catholics in Liverpool tended to baptise their children before registering the birth at the registrar's office so in most cases the date of birth in the baptism register was a more reliable source than the civil record for the birth.

When the family registered the birth on 25 November 1878 they again appear to have used the German form of his name but the registrar appears to have misheard and thought the child was called Johanna Heim and registered the child as a girl! The parentage is a good match and their address, number 16 Grosvenor Street, was near to St Joseph's, where they baptised him. The birth registry entry also differs in his date of birth. It says he was born on 20 October 1878 the same day the baptism entry says he was baptised! The baptism date of birth is more likely to be correct. There is a good explanation why the date of birth was changed for the birth register entry. A child born on 11 October and not registered until 25 November 1878 would have been a late registration.

John Heim was born on 11 October 1878 and baptised on 20 October 1878 at St Joseph's RC church Liverpool

John Heim's birth register entry wrongly records him as a girl called Johanna Heim and gives a different date of birth 

The Heim family were living at 69 Bevington Hill Liverpool on the 1881 England Census

The Heim family were living at 9 Arley Street Liverpool on the 1891 England Census (Dora's birthplace is wrong here)

After Jacob Heim died in 1890 Dora Heim married Thomas Wait at St Alban CE church Bevington Liverpool on 30 April 1893

Mary Heim, Mary Thompson on the Australian Army record, married David Thompson at St Nicholas CE church in 1893

John Heim of 11 Eldon Place married Hannah Maher of court 1 house 3 Eldon Street at Our Lady's RC church in 1899

John's sister Rose Ann married Patrick Cleary at Our Lady's RC church in 1900 siblings Jacob and Mary were witnesses

The Thompsons, Waits and Clearys were living at 11 Eldon Place Liverpool on the 1901 England Census

Hannah and family were living at court 2 house 5 Silvester Street Liverpool on the 1901 England Census

John was a witness at brother Jacob's marriage to Sarah Hutchinson at Our Lady's RC church on 27 May 1901

John Heims formerly of 5 in 2 court on the Liverpool Electoral Register at 5 in 6 court Silvester Street in 1902-03

John Heims at 5 in 6 court Silvester Street Liverpool in 1903-04

While Heim/Hines was living in New Zealand Hannah remarried at St Nicholas CE church giving her condition as widow

Mary Thompson married Denis Hayde at Our Lady's RC church in 1915 note that the Clearys were living at 23 Eldon Place